Meet The Team

Meet The Team: Russ Hughes, author and illustrator
Meet The Team: KayeC Jones, author and illustrator

We’re a husband and wife team that think the other is more talented.

We both draw and write, but we work best together, bonking heads and scribbling madly on paper. The thought of making people smile makes us smile, children and adults alike.

Our passion is meaningful Children’s Picture Books, but we have had many years to develop other talents as well, such as Book Cover Design, Cartooning and Illustration. You can call us visual experts!

Let us share a secret on how to make an author and illustrator happy: tell your friends about their work, give their books reviews on Amazon (you can find us here), find their social media pages (here’s our Tumblr page) and follow them everywhere they go… except to the bathroom.

But there’s a little more to us outside of children’s books. Russ collects toys, loves to fish and can’t go a day without self-deprecating humor. KayeC loves playing video games, likes reading in bed, and pretends to write decent fiction.

Feel free to send us any questions or comments. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

You can find us all around the internet. You can also find us on GoodReads. Don’t be shy!

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