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We’re so happy you’re here looking at our Children’s Picture eBooks! Making them was so much fun and we’re looking forward to adding more stories and characters. Scroll on down and take a peek at what we’ve made.

Finding new friends is never easy, even for monsters living under the sea.

It was a beautiful day at the beach and Brody was having fun in the sand. When everyone watched a boat pulled down by gigantic tentacles, everyone was ran away from the beach. But brave Brody decides to find out what happened and why.

Brody shows us all that it doesn’t matter what you look like, everyone can be friends.

It’s time for Rupert the pig to grow up and take up the family trade. Suddenly he realizes the family trade isn’t something he wants and he leaves home on a quest to find what he wants to do with his life.

He bravely steps out into the unknown determined to experience new things and to meet new people while he tries to find a path.

Then something happens to make him realize one of the most important lessons in life: you have to be true to yourself in order to be happy.

Meet Kitty, a daring and sweet little girl who won’t take anyone talking mean, especially neighborhood bullies who make all the kids cry.

Kitty finally goes face-to-face with the biggest bully who declares to her that girls can’t do anything but “clean and bake cookies”. Instead of flourishing fists and sinking to the bully’s level, she uses her wits and thinks her way out of the situation.

This wonderful story teaches everyone, not only girls, to believe in themselves and not to doubt their dreams and wishes, no matter what those dreams and wishes happen to be.

What happens to dogs and puppies when they are abandoned?

Follow the story of a puppy named Mason who thinks he’s getting a nice breezy car ride and is abandoned by his owner instead. But right from the start, he never loses heart.

Root for the little guy as he meets new friends, learns how to survive, confronts bullies and struggles with injuries. Mason may not be pedigreed, but it doesn’t make him any less courageous and big-hearted.

Here’s a little story,
about a lonesome troll,
looking for new territory,
without a living soul.

He traveled far and wide,
from coast to coast,
becoming more and more untied,
’til he found something he needed most.

Hungry and tired of bug bites, Greg the Anteater decided to go to town to find an easy meal.

He quickly finds out that there are aunts all around the town! But “aunts” and “ants” are not the same thing, as he quickly finds out.

Find out what happens to Greg and all the aunts in town in this colorful and nonsensical story that will make you laugh and giggle.

Cast of Characters



the mutt


Age: 2 years

Favorite Food: Burgers

Favorite Hobby: Running Outside with Rodrigo

Motto: “Never lose hope.”



conqueror of bullies


Age: 4 years

Favorite Food: Pistachio Ice Cream

Favorite Hobby: Playing with Her Buddies

Motto: “Never listen to bullies!”



wanderer and seeker


Age: ???

Favorite Food: Hot Tea

Favorite Hobby: Sipping Tea Under Large Things

Motto: “Never Settle.”



the pig


Age: 18

Favorite Food: Crumpets

Favorite Hobby: Painting With People

Motto: “Be true to yourself.”



the adventurer


Age: 6

Favorite Food: Meatlover’s Pizza

Favorite Hobby: Exploring New Places

Motto: “Be kind to everyone.”



the big eater


Age: ???

Favorite Food: Fresh Donuts

Favorite Hobby: Eating

Motto: “Always apologize when you’re wrong.”

The Kraken

The Kraken

Norse legend


Age: ???

Favorite Food: Angry, Mean Sharks

Favorite Hobby: Protecting People

Motto: “Always help someone in need.”

Merlin & Wart

Merlin & Wart

Kitty's faithful buddies


Age: 4 & 4

Favorite Food: French Fries & Ketchup

Favorite Hobby: Listening

Motto: “Best friends forever.”



kooky critter


Age: 111

Favorite Food: Fast Food Trash

Favorite Hobby: Kicking Old Cans

Motto: “Have fun, no matter what.”

Oops, that’s the end of our list, but we’re always working on the next book in the studio.

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