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Welcome to our Cozy Little Studio. The home of adorable Children’s Picture eBooks, eBook Design, Custom Cartoons and Custom Illustrations. We also have an Etsy Shop where you can have original art from Cozy Bear Studio to hang on your wall.

And forget to check out our Free Stuff, a whole section filled with downloadable activity sheets that match our Children’s eBooks.

Make yourself something hot to drink and sit down with us, because we love your company.


Children’s Picture Books

We create smiles and laughter with words and illustrations. Making children’s books is our passion and we’re beyond giddy to share them with you. Scoot on over and check ’em out!


Our Services

Need an book cover for your novel? Or do you need an illustration for your blog or article? Don’t settle for mediocrity, contact us and stand out.


Visit Our Etsy Shop

Now you can hang our colorful and adorable illustrations and art in your own home or gift them to family and friends. Cover that bare wall with something fun and colorful.


Free Stuff

Check out all the Coloring Pages, Spot-the-Difference Pages and Imagination Pages we’ve made for you. Print them out and have a ball. They’re free!